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My name is


Ben Williams

Aspiring software developer

My work so far

Work in Virtualised Active Directory Environments

On a daily basis I am involved in working within Active Directory environments both on physical and HyperV servers. These servers are setup in a multitude of different ways with Active Directory syncing with Office 365 environments and Exchange. My roles have also included making and editing Group Policy objects to streamline user experience as much as possible

In the end half of 2017 I decided to learn Discord and Node JS as I had seen many Discord bot floating around and I wanted one with features that no other bot offered. Looking back at it, If I were to remake the bot, I would make it more modular and allow users to load modules when they want. For example not everyone would need certain commands or tools. Link to the code on GitHub is hyperlinked above.

Raeth Networks is an endeavour of a friend and I's idea for an ideal set of game server networks and communities. Starting with Garry's mod servers which run on a Linux machine with a focus on small community driven content and a strong relationship with staff/management and the player base. Even though this project is still in the development phase we are constantly striving to find new things to offer in a community to keep the content flowing and interesting.

This Password Generator is my latest testing script which involves using a selenium web driver to control web pages by elements. When running this script it will ask how many letters and numbers you want in your password. It will then print the password to console but also open up a automatic Chrome page which will enter the password into a secure messaging page that you can set expiry fields on so that you can send the link out and after a certain amount of time or views the link will expire. It will generate the link and let you copy it to send out to whoever you need. Link to GitHub is hyperlinked above.